Documentation Template

February 12, 2010

*** Posted on our no longer used Google site on Jan 30 by Chris ***

In our Jan-29 meeting, we decided upon a documentation format which includes, for each service:

1. A basic description of what function the service performs or why it exists. Information this section is not expected to be specific to e4.

2. An “In Eclipse e4” section which describes how the service is approached in e4. It can include a design description, necessary definitions, important considerations. This is also the place where relationships to other services will be noted. This section should remain code-agnostic.

3. A “Usage” section which gives code examples for how to use the service.

Attached is a sample of what such document will could look like.

The media for development and deployment of the documentation are still TBD, but we’d like to integrate as closely as possible into the existing Eclipse structure.


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