Jan 29 Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2010

*** Posted on our no longer used Google site on Feb 1 by Chris ***

Following is a summary of our meeting:

– We received everyone’s progress.
– Chris suggested a template similar to a Wiki which was adopted for the documentation.
– I had reviewed my topic and brought up the issue with access to the Eclipse source code. I had also summarized my topic, but in a format that was considered inferior to a Wiki.
– Brent had reviewed his topic, provided information about accessing the source code as well as Eclipse’s proprietary documentation format and its specifics (XML and CSS).
– Chris’ format of a Wiki appears to be closest to the Eclipse documentation format and was unanimously adopted as the format of the Eclipse 4 services documentation.
– We decided to use the Eclipse website as a “sandbox” environment for our documentation. Brent took on the responsibility to contact the Eclipse team about gaining access to this platform. Chris agreed to search for and try to post a link.
– Brent agreed to write the “Under construction” template box which will be applied to all pages within the project.
– Chris agreed to write an “About Page” which will describe our effort and goals with regards to this project as well as provide contact information for the Eclipse community.
– We decided to focus on writing the core documentation for the 20 Eclipse 4 services, while relying to certain extent on the developer and user communities for suggestions, corrections and general feedback.
– The generally agreed on meeting time for “small meetings” involving Stefan, Brent and Chris was tentatively scheduled to be Monday from 2:30pm.


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