Feb 12 Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2010


Stefan Dimitrov, Brent Barkman, Chris Hildebrand, Christina Penner, McQ (Mike Wilson), Boris Bokowski

Brent updated McQ and Boris on our current plan

  • We have a template (on wiki)
  • We have a skeleton of several services (on wiki)
  • We now plan to reach out to Eclipse community for help & wiki contributions

We discussed the best way to solicit community involvement

  • concluded that passive communication was probably not going to work.
  • instead, we need to aggressively contact individuals that we know are personally involved in a given service
  • Challenge:  Document something that is continuously changing, and where information is distributed between many people

We discussed our current template

  • concluded that we are focusing too much on usage, not “big picture” aspects of e4
  • McQ commented that he would like to have pages that describe general e4 principles and relationships between services
  • Brent suggested that we have a graphical representation (possibly with physical metaphors) that relates services to one another
  • McQ also noted that our template should better describe it’s own sections, indicated what information goes in each place
  • Boris gave wiki.eclipse.org/EGit as an example for navigation (categorized tabs and tabular links)

We discussed our overall project goal

  • McQ poignantly stated that it will be better to do an excellent job with a few services than a mediocre job with all of them.
  • Boris gave the Design Patterns book (Gang of Four) as an example for the type of documentation we are striving for
  • We are trying to explain the design of services instead of just providing code for how to use them

*** Boris and McQ left meeting ***

We discussed the idea of logging personal experiences throughout our documentation process

  • Given the somewhat nebulous task at hand, Christina pointed out that a record of our progress could prove valuable
  • Agreed to use an informal blog to track project progress

We (Stefan, Chris, Brent and Christina) decided to meet next on Feb 26th


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