A different perspective…

February 23, 2010

Little did I know about the essence of this project when I joined the team. I had both academic and industrial experience with Eclipse, but I had never developed my own plug-ins. As the project progresses and I work on the services, I am gaining better understanding of the powerful Eclipse RCP features that have paved its way to a leading IDE.

At University of Manitoba most of us have used Eclipse at least for Java programming. I have also used it for C++ and for BlackBerry Java development. However, this is just one of “the faces” that the platform has to offer. Developers can build on the flexible components, core services and UI to implement their own platforms suited for various specialized environments such as Bioinformatics, BlackBerry application development, microcontroller programming, etc.

Brent and Chris seem to have had hands on experience with this “other face” of the Eclipse platform. This is certainly helpful for the understanding and documenting of the core services. On the other hand, I am approaching this project as a “prospective developer”. Thus, when documenting the services and relations between them at a high level, I can focus on the generic and language-independent concepts. In my view, this is close to the goal of the project.


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