Feb 26 Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2010


Stefan Dimitrov, Brent Barkman, Chris Hildebrand, Christina Penner

Discussed web site

  • like new format
  • minutes are good
  • informal nature is comfortable

Commented on last meeting being valuable

  • how has this driven our progress up to today?
  • Stefan contacted Susan Franklin re: one of his services, will contact Boris about other one
  • No other contact with Eclipse people, no writing of actual documentation
  • Christina: You are running out of time!
  • no format or content


  • Brent suggested a subset of headings from the GoF book
  • Chris suggested a case study that incorporates a several (or all) services
  • Chris suggested a glossary (either global) or at the page level
  • Stefan commented on the use of more diagrams – kind of on the back-burner
  • Chris commented that perhaps we can’t follow a set-in-stone template
  • Brent: but templates are great for readers
  • Like trying on clothes: wait and see

Timelines and deadlines

  • How are we going to get this done on time?
  • Chris: the Eclipse people need to drive the conversation
  • Maybe pair writing for the entire project?
  • OK. (Analogy to going to the gym/yoga).
  • Plan: Set up 3 meetings – one per project.
  • two 20-minute meetings per person, per service – meetings should be set up by next meeting.
  • How are we going to present something on wednesday?
  • get an evolved template
  • get as much content as we can
  • also, can talk about communications challenges?
  • also, bring the blog into the conversation (change in medium brought change in attitude)
  • mention the comparison of this project to agile software development
  • Deliverable: working template, content may be “old and minimal”

Aside: Can we have final class meeting on April 9th? Yes, at 14:20 .


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