March 29 Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2010

Brent, Stefan, and Chris met with Christina to discuss current work and the plan for the final weeks.

  • Christina asked for opinions on how successful the course was so far.  We agreed that when viewed in isolation, our end product is not as substantial as might be expected, but it represents a lot of work.  This work included various successes and failures that were required to arrive at a suitable template, and the extensive communications that were necessary to establish concrete requirements and understand the topics.
  • We spoke about our current writing.  Christina offered a writing improvements, but expressed overall satisfaction.  We agreed each page should have some sort of relevant diagram/picture.
  • We outlined our timeline of events for the last two weeks of the course:
    • On Wednesday the 31st, meet with Boris and discuss a third service
    • On Monday the 5th, send candidate final documentation to Eclipse team
    • On Wednesday the 7th, meet with Eclipse team to discuss product and get feedback
    • On Friday the 9th, present final product (with any modification from feedback) at class meeting

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