Brent, Stefan, and Chris met with Christina to discuss current work and the plan for the final weeks.

  • Christina asked for opinions on how successful the course was so far.  We agreed that when viewed in isolation, our end product is not as substantial as might be expected, but it represents a lot of work.  This work included various successes and failures that were required to arrive at a suitable template, and the extensive communications that were necessary to establish concrete requirements and understand the topics.
  • We spoke about our current writing.  Christina offered a writing improvements, but expressed overall satisfaction.  We agreed each page should have some sort of relevant diagram/picture.
  • We outlined our timeline of events for the last two weeks of the course:
    • On Wednesday the 31st, meet with Boris and discuss a third service
    • On Monday the 5th, send candidate final documentation to Eclipse team
    • On Wednesday the 7th, meet with Eclipse team to discuss product and get feedback
    • On Friday the 9th, present final product (with any modification from feedback) at class meeting

March 12 Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2010

Attendees: Brent, Chris, Stefan, Boris

We had a very helpful meeting with Boris regarding User Preferences where we were able to gather all or most of the information we need.

– Pair writing to turn the conversation into a piece of documentation on Monday March 15

– Stefan will try to book a meeting with Susan for Wednesday at 230 PST (430 CST)

– Pair writing for the service we talk to Susan about on Friday at 2:30

Feb 26 Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2010


Stefan Dimitrov, Brent Barkman, Chris Hildebrand, Christina Penner

Discussed web site

  • like new format
  • minutes are good
  • informal nature is comfortable

Commented on last meeting being valuable

  • how has this driven our progress up to today?
  • Stefan contacted Susan Franklin re: one of his services, will contact Boris about other one
  • No other contact with Eclipse people, no writing of actual documentation
  • Christina: You are running out of time!
  • no format or content


  • Brent suggested a subset of headings from the GoF book
  • Chris suggested a case study that incorporates a several (or all) services
  • Chris suggested a glossary (either global) or at the page level
  • Stefan commented on the use of more diagrams – kind of on the back-burner
  • Chris commented that perhaps we can’t follow a set-in-stone template
  • Brent: but templates are great for readers
  • Like trying on clothes: wait and see

Timelines and deadlines

  • How are we going to get this done on time?
  • Chris: the Eclipse people need to drive the conversation
  • Maybe pair writing for the entire project?
  • OK. (Analogy to going to the gym/yoga).
  • Plan: Set up 3 meetings – one per project.
  • two 20-minute meetings per person, per service – meetings should be set up by next meeting.
  • How are we going to present something on wednesday?
  • get an evolved template
  • get as much content as we can
  • also, can talk about communications challenges?
  • also, bring the blog into the conversation (change in medium brought change in attitude)
  • mention the comparison of this project to agile software development
  • Deliverable: working template, content may be “old and minimal”

Aside: Can we have final class meeting on April 9th? Yes, at 14:20 .

Feb 12 Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2010


Stefan Dimitrov, Brent Barkman, Chris Hildebrand, Christina Penner, McQ (Mike Wilson), Boris Bokowski

Brent updated McQ and Boris on our current plan

  • We have a template (on wiki)
  • We have a skeleton of several services (on wiki)
  • We now plan to reach out to Eclipse community for help & wiki contributions

We discussed the best way to solicit community involvement

  • concluded that passive communication was probably not going to work.
  • instead, we need to aggressively contact individuals that we know are personally involved in a given service
  • Challenge:  Document something that is continuously changing, and where information is distributed between many people

We discussed our current template

  • concluded that we are focusing too much on usage, not “big picture” aspects of e4
  • McQ commented that he would like to have pages that describe general e4 principles and relationships between services
  • Brent suggested that we have a graphical representation (possibly with physical metaphors) that relates services to one another
  • McQ also noted that our template should better describe it’s own sections, indicated what information goes in each place
  • Boris gave as an example for navigation (categorized tabs and tabular links)

We discussed our overall project goal

  • McQ poignantly stated that it will be better to do an excellent job with a few services than a mediocre job with all of them.
  • Boris gave the Design Patterns book (Gang of Four) as an example for the type of documentation we are striving for
  • We are trying to explain the design of services instead of just providing code for how to use them

*** Boris and McQ left meeting ***

We discussed the idea of logging personal experiences throughout our documentation process

  • Given the somewhat nebulous task at hand, Christina pointed out that a record of our progress could prove valuable
  • Agreed to use an informal blog to track project progress

We (Stefan, Chris, Brent and Christina) decided to meet next on Feb 26th

Jan 29 Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2010

*** Posted on our no longer used Google site on Feb 1 by Chris ***

Following is a summary of our meeting:

– We received everyone’s progress.
– Chris suggested a template similar to a Wiki which was adopted for the documentation.
– I had reviewed my topic and brought up the issue with access to the Eclipse source code. I had also summarized my topic, but in a format that was considered inferior to a Wiki.
– Brent had reviewed his topic, provided information about accessing the source code as well as Eclipse’s proprietary documentation format and its specifics (XML and CSS).
– Chris’ format of a Wiki appears to be closest to the Eclipse documentation format and was unanimously adopted as the format of the Eclipse 4 services documentation.
– We decided to use the Eclipse website as a “sandbox” environment for our documentation. Brent took on the responsibility to contact the Eclipse team about gaining access to this platform. Chris agreed to search for and try to post a link.
– Brent agreed to write the “Under construction” template box which will be applied to all pages within the project.
– Chris agreed to write an “About Page” which will describe our effort and goals with regards to this project as well as provide contact information for the Eclipse community.
– We decided to focus on writing the core documentation for the 20 Eclipse 4 services, while relying to certain extent on the developer and user communities for suggestions, corrections and general feedback.
– The generally agreed on meeting time for “small meetings” involving Stefan, Brent and Chris was tentatively scheduled to be Monday from 2:30pm.