Week 2: Jan 23-29

February 12, 2010

*** Posted on our old google site on Jan 28 by Chris ***

This week, we have each chosen an e4 application service for which to write prototype documentation. The three chosen services, as recommended by Boris, are logging & tracing, persisting state, and saveable lifecycle.

Our focus in the prototype documentation will be developing an organizational template and format.

As Mike noted, we want to our final product to be more than an elucidation each service’s API. In particular, we would like to illuminate the contextual significance of each service, as well as its relationship to other services.

At our meeting on Friday, we will compare our prototypes and attempt to agree on a common design.

Beyond the development of prototypes, this week will continue our familiarization with the e4 project. In seeking content for the three services that we have respectively chosen, we will gain a better understanding of where the necessary knowledge resources reside.


Week 1: Jan 15-22

February 12, 2010

*** Posted by Chris Hildebrand on our no longer used Google Site on Jan 21, 2010 ***

This week was spent familiarizing ourselves the e4 project, with a particular focus on the ‘Twenty Things’ which our documentation is to describe.

Readings/research included various portions of the existing documentation on the e4 Project’s public website, including:

e4 Project Plan – http://www.eclipse.org/projects/project-plan.php?projectid=eclipse.e4
e4 concept whitepaper – http://www.eclipse.org/e4/resources/e4-whitepaper.php
e4 Wiki – Application Services (aka 20 things) – http://wiki.eclipse.org/E4/Eclipse_Application_Services

August 2009 webinars – http://www.eclipse.org/community/e4webinar/abstracts.php
‘EclipseCon 09: e4 Project in Review’ – http://live.eclipse.org/node/737

Additionally, we have each downloaded and installed e4 0.9.

Our meeting with Mike Wilson should bring clarity to our future direction. In particular, we need some specifications for the documentation that is to be produced. Assumedly, we will necessarily cultivate an in-depth understanding of e4’s application services to write any kind of documentation; we need to determine which resources will provide this understanding.